Case Studies

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A Cincinnati manufacturer called us with concerns about third shift employees leaving work early each night. The cameras we installed were able to monitor the time clock and employee parking lot to corroborate management’s belief that three employees were participating in a rotation where one would work the full shift while the others would leave three hours early. The same employees were stealing tools and product, and video evidence allowed the manufacturer to terminate them and receive full restitution.

We were contacted by a quick change oil chain with several locations in Ohio, because the company wanted to monitor that customers were receiving the services for which they were charged. Once cameras were installed, the manager and three employees quit. In a call the following month, the company told us that cash sales at that particular location went up by 60%. The former manager and employees had been pocketing cash sales.

We installed 64 cameras at a manufacturing facility in Dayton for security and safety reasons, but the cameras helped management see that one operator produced 60% more product than the other 17. Though each of the operators were doing the same work, the highest performer had a method that helped him multi-task. Management recorded his process and used the video to train other operators, leading to an increase in overall productivity.

A local beverage distributor requested a camera system due to issues with theft. Several months after installation, there was an accident involving a forklift operator and another employee. Camera footage showed that despite the operator’s claim that the employee darted in front of him, the operator was distracted by his cell phone and did not react in time.

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