What is H.265 and Why You Need It

  As the security industry embraces higher resolution imaging with higher bit rates, recording and storing video has become more challenging.  Since most surveillance systems record continuously 24/7, the cost of extra storage to handle the decoding of video...

5 Reasons to Upgrade from Analog to IP- Based Cameras

  More and more businesses are moving away from analog to IP video surveillance systems.  There are a number of reasons for this ranging from budgetary to technological.  Here are the top 5 reasons to switch: High Resolution - IP cameras can provide 6 to 20 times...

Cameras to the Rescue

The safety of a business’s employees and its customers is a high priority. The ultimate goal is to avoid accidents and injuries that hurt people and reputations. Unfortunately, as life goes, incidents still happen, and that’s why we have to work hard to...

Improving Your Business through Surveillance Footage

Safety is likely the first thing people think about when they hear the word surveillance. Though surveillance camera systems are very useful in security applications, there are additional benefits to having access to recorded footage. One particularly useful advantage...

Staying Vigilant with Remote Monitoring

Security camera systems are a trusted way to keep tabs on your business. Being able to review footage in a back office can help protect employees, customers and the bottom line, but it can be hard for business owners to find time to do that. There are responsibilities...

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