The safety of a business’s employees and its customers is a high priority. The ultimate goal is to avoid accidents and injuries that hurt people and reputations. Unfortunately, as life goes, incidents still happen, and that’s why we have to work hard to prevent them and minimize the damage they cause. Along with effective company policies, surveillance systems are a good place to start.

A local liquor store and gas station is an effective illustration of how surveillance systems act as protection. The owner has seen that cameras have been a major deterrent to criminal activity, whether in the form of robbery, theft or fraudulent credit cards. Employees feel safer knowing that the system has their backs, especially if an issue arises with a difficult customer. These same factors make patrons feel more at ease, too. Also, if a car accident or similar incident were to happen in the parking lot, video evidence can protect the store in the case of potential litigation.

A restaurant chain also uses cameras to protect employees, while avoiding the impact of costly injuries like slip and falls in the parking lot. The inability to provide video evidence could leave them prone to expensive legal battles.

Consumer-facing businesses aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this technology, either. A collection of storage, office and warehouse facilities in Southern Ohio trust their surveillance systems to prove insurance claims and keep employees out of harm’s way. Strategic camera positioning and quality installation has allowed the owners of the facilities to actively and effectively monitor their property.

Keeping employees safe from the destructive actions of a coworker is another positive. A local beverage distributor was caught up in an accident involving a forklift operator and another employee. Camera footage showed that despite the operator’s claim that the employee darted in front of him, the operator was distracted by his cell phone and did not react in time.

You never know exactly when an accident will happen, but your business will be better prepared with security cameras. Our team at SecurDesign helps companies find the places where they are at risk, and we design surveillance systems that keep an eye on them. Call us at 800-733-4913 to talk about where your risks lie.