Security camera systems are a trusted way to keep tabs on your business. Being able to review footage in a back office can help protect employees, customers and the bottom line, but it can be hard for business owners to find time to do that. There are responsibilities that take them away from the office and plenty of concerns that eat up their days. This is why remote viewing capability can be a considerable advantage.

At a Cincinnati chain of restaurants, a franchise owner wants to keep customers happy and her business hazard-free. With the power of a digital network recorder, she has access to surveillance footage in the palm of her hand with a smartphone or laptop. Slip and falls or accidents in the parking lot, as well as managers’ day-to-day activities, won’t go unnoticed while she handles tasks away from the physical location of her business. Her general manager and operations manager have access, too, for the same reason. Footage can even lead to productive conversations with store managers about making sure processes are kept up and that customer concerns are addressed.

Remote viewing has also benefited a Dayton manufacturer, a SecurDesign customer for 20 years. Similarly, their ability to watch their facility via a laptop has made for improved safety and performance. This company produces parts for many different customers, and process control needs to be strongly regulated. Remote capabilities coupled with quality cameras help facility management work with more than hearsay on their side when investigating accidents or production non-conformities. This makes for a more organized, efficient operation.

Surveillance systems have proven to be great investments for both businesses, and accompanying technology has made an even greater impact. These are just two examples of how we design systems that fit our clients’ needs. If you’re curious about what a surveillance system can accomplish for your business, give us a call at 800-733-4913.